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Tips and tricks for onboarding

Especially as a startup, you might not be quite used to the onboarding process in the beginning. Do you even have one? And if not, why is that such a big deal anyway?

Especially new employees offer you great potential to present your company well to the outside world. Everyone knows this. The first day in the new job is successfully completed and the big round of questions in the private environment starts. How was it? did you get anything? What are they like? How is the office?

If everything from the first second of the welcome to the end of the day fits, is structured and your newbie can start his first day of work with high spirits, then you have done everything right and can be sure that it will hail a lot of praise.

But how do you succeed in onbaording and what do you need to consider for a good onboarding strategy?

Why is structure so important in the onboarding process?

Because nothing is more stupid than being unprepared to receive a new employee. After all, he fully expects to hear all the important info, steps and do’s & don’ts from you. In addition, a structured welcoming makes a good impression and gives a feeling of the way you work.

No “first day” without a plan – otherwise disaster threatens

Just as first impressions are important when interviewing, they are equally important when onboarding your new employees. Therefore applies:


So go about it in a structured way. This is also not as complicated as you think. On this page, we’ll give you a few tips to optimize your onboarding processes.

For you, for the recruiter, for your newcomers

Give your new employee the feeling that they are not alone in the forest or in your corridors. Show him that someone is responsible for him and takes him by the hand. A standardized onboarding process helps your HR department to do this. Because nothing is more stupid than starting from scratch with every new team member. So with a structured onboarding process, every recruiter knows the drill.


  • Integrate your new employee smoothly but professionally into his new working environment and his field of activity. Always give him the opportunity to express his thoughts and opinions and make sure that he is not underchallenged but also not overchallenged.


  • Make sure that your employees know who is new and organize a small welcome during the lunch break, or make sure that everyone introduces themselves to the newcomer. This makes him feel immediately accepted and socially integrated into the team. Maybe you meet directly after work for a cocktail or a beer.


  • Your new employees need to get to know your company culture. To do this, it is important that they see and understand how you organize your working days, what works and what doesn’t, and how openly you can talk to each other. Conveys a cool feeling and maybe your new employee is already providing the first branding in private.

Preparation is the key

Sure, you’ve heard a saying like that a hundred times. but there really is some truth in this. Because the preparation should cover from the moment of signing the contract until the first day of work. We call this the preboarding phase. In this phase of onboarding, you already have the opportunity to present yourself as an attractive company.

  • Send a small welcome gift (onboarding box, t-shirt, bag with your company logo) to your new employee before he/she leaves.
  • Remember to send all important info in advance (company brochure, rule booklet, info material)
  • A list of contact persons in the team
  • Seeks a first-buddy for the new hire to accompany him or her from day one in the new job
  • The supervisor should already prepare a schedule summarizing the issues related to acclimation, personal feelings and desires, and employer interview.
  • Prepares the workplace. So it doesn’t have to happen on the first day of work. Email account, phone, laptop, etc.
  • Inform colleagues about the new addition so that everyone knows.

Uses the phase of orientation

Orientation please! This phase is used in the period from the first day of work until about 3-4 months after starting the job. In this phase, everything should revolve around introducing the new colleague to the existing company procedures and processes. That is, you should have a few points on the screen.

The following would be appropriate for the first day of work:

  • Short Welcoming and Small Talk
  • Introduction of colleagues and other employees
  • Assign and introduce first buddy
  • Meeting with superiors
  • Assignment of the workplace
  • Introduction to the work processes and activities
  • Handover of the Onboarding Box
  • Passwords, access cards, keys, etc.

In the coming weeks:

  • Gives a more detailed and greater introduction to your company’s products and services
  • Initial discussion with the supervisor about previous experience and ideas
  • Arrangement of two further appointments for a conversation

With Mijo's Onboarding Box everything becomes an unforgettable highlight

A new desk looks empty. The contents of the Employee Box make the workplace more personal in an instant. You show that you care about how the new employee feels in your company.

The exclusive design of the welcome box and all the contents, are signs of appreciation. Since other team members use the same items, the newcomer does not feel like an outsider and can visually fit into the existing structures. Goodies in the corporate design are a good way to take away some of the natural insecurity of graduates and trainees.

So on the first day of work on the workplace of the new member can be a high-quality box with your brand. On it your logo and a subline welcoming your new team member.

When you open the box, a card stands out wishing you a great start to your new job. Among them a high-quality glass bottle with your brand, an ecological ballpoint pen made of bamboo next to a branded notebook. An embroidered carrying case and powerbank are also included. On everything your company logo. Restrained but concise in design.

This makes a powerful impression and is guaranteed to be the topic of conversation after work. This is how employer branding is implemented in a really cool way.

We support you in choosing the right goodies, do the design of the box and produce everything. If you don’t have room for your finished boxes, we’ll be happy to store them for you.