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Team event box

The team event box contains a diverse mix of sweet and savory snacks, including chips, chocolate, nuts and more. A high-quality non-alcoholic beverage provides a refreshing treat. Thus, our snack box company is just the thing to strengthen cooperation and team spirit.

The box can also be sent to multiple recipients!

The high-quality packaging of the gift box employees makes this box not only an attractive gift, but also a sustainable alternative. With our dropshipping option, you can have the team event box delivered directly to your colleagues’ address – be it to the office or home office.

001 pcs. = 36,98 €
050 pcs. = 32,48 €
100 pcs. = 28,98 €

Thank You Box

Say “thank you” in a special way with our exclusive Thank You Box – the ideal gift box for employees leaving the company. Show your team member how much his or her work was appreciated and let him or her leave with a fond memory.

This box can also be sent directly to the colleg:in.

Want to send the Thank You Box directly to your employee? No problem! We also offer the option of dropshipping the box directly to the desired address – whether to the office or home office.

001 pcs. = 36,98 €
050 pcs. = 32,48 €
100 pcs. = 29,98 €


Happy Birthday dear colleagues

Happy Birthday Box is a creative birthday gift for employees that will delight colleagues on their special day. With individually selected products, this gift shows appreciation and strengthens team spirit.

An original birthday gift for colleagues, like Happy Birthday Box, contributes to a positive work atmosphere. Personalized boxes with favorite snacks and small surprises provide joy and motivation in the team.

39,38 € 

Breakfast box - energetic start to the day

A breakfast box is the ideal solution for giving employees an energetic start to the workday. These lovingly crafted boxes contain a selection of healthy and delicious breakfast options tailored to employees’ needs and preferences. A breakfast employee box shows appreciation and promotes well-being in the team.

Snackbox – Delicious break catering

The snack box, as a complement to the breakfast box, ensures that employees are energized throughout the workday. A diverse selection of snacks such as granola bars, dried fruit, nuts or chocolate offers something for everyone and helps boost morale and productivity. Such a snack box is a great way to motivate employees and create a positive work atmosphere.

001 pcs. = 28,55 € 
050 pcs. = 25,55 € 
100 pcs. = 22,20 € 


Snack & Event Boxes and your advantages


MIJO values quality and sustainability. Our pricing models adjust quite fairly to the quantity required and the services requested. This way, you only pay for what you need.


No call center or wild sales chatter! With us, you always speak to a fixed contact person who advises and accompanies you throughout the entire process.


All items, whether goodies or boxes have been personally tested by us and found to be very good. For us, quality comes before quantity.


MIJO makes possible where others give up. We are not stuck to fixed specifications but are 100% flexible and develop the appropriate solutions in-house.


Onboarding boxes or merch provide a tangible sense of appreciation, resulting in a better team feeling and stronger employee loyalty.


MIJO delivers directly to employees around the world or conveniently to an address. No way is too far and nothing is impossible.

Gift boxes for employees

An employee gift box is the perfect way to express appreciation and recognition. These customized gift boxes motivate and boost team morale. The team box can be personalized to cater to employee preferences and interests for a real surprise.

Energy and pleasure in the office –
The snack box as a gift for employees is a delicious and healthy option to increase energy and productivity in the office. A variety of snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, chocolate or granola bars are included to suit every team member’s taste. These gift boxes are a great way to reward employees and promote a positive work atmosphere.

Team event box - promote cooperation

The Teamevent Box is an innovative idea to strengthen the sense of community at company events. Through the careful selection of snacks and drinks, the snack box for event promotes a relaxed atmosphere and stimulates exchange among colleagues. The event box can be customized to meet the needs of each team.

Snack box for event – enjoyment and fun in one

A varied snack box for event ensures that employees always have enough energy and good mood during a team event. With a wide selection of sweet and savory snacks, such as nuts, dried fruit, chocolate or granola bars, the event box becomes the highlight of the event. These snack boxes help create a successful and memorable team event.

Offboarding Box - Appreciation to say goodbye

The Offboarding Box is a personal and meaningful parting gift for employees who are leaving the company. An individually composed farewell gift expresses appreciation and gratitude and leaves a positive impression on departing colleagues. This strengthens the corporate image and promotes the bond between former employees and the company.

Farewell gift – lasting memory

A parting gift is a lasting reminder of the time spent together and creates an emotional connection to the company. Choosing personalized and useful items in the offboarding box creates a personalized and memorable gift. Investing in such a parting gift shows appreciation and respect and can have a positive impact on the company’s future network and reputation.

Gift Box - birthday joy in the office

A gift box is the perfect birthday present for employees to please colleagues on their special day. These lovingly assembled gift boxes show appreciation and strengthen the sense of community within the team. Customized gift boxes can be customized to the birthday boy or girl’s preferences and interests, making for a personalized gift.

Birthday gift employees – motivation and recognition

The right gift for employees on their birthday is not only a nice gesture, but can also boost morale and motivation within the team. A creative gift box filled with small tokens of appreciation such as snacks, drinks or personal items shows that the company and colleagues care about the employee’s well-being. Such a birthday gift contributes to the creation of a positive working atmosphere and appreciative togetherness.

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    Gifts for employees

    Our gift boxes and snack boxes are the perfect solution to show appreciation and recognition to employees. We offer a variety of themed boxes to suit different occasions and needs. Whether birthday boxes, team event boxes or individual employee gifts – with us you will find the right surprise for every occasion.

    Gift boxes for employees

    An employee gift box is a nice gesture to honor your team’s dedication and hard work. Our lovingly assembled gift boxes contain a selection of high-quality products that are tailored to the interests and preferences of employees. For example, an employee gift box can include wellness products, gourmet treats or creative utensils. Show your team members that you think of them and value their efforts.

    Snack boxes for employees

    Employee snack boxes are a great way to spice up the work environment and promote team spirit. Our snack boxes contain a diverse mix of sweet and savory treats to suit every employee’s taste. These boxes are perfect for meetings, team events or simply as a small gift in between. With a snack box, you show your team that you notice their needs and prioritize their satisfaction in the workplace.

    Birthday boxes for employees

    With a birthday box for employees, you can give your team member a treat on their special day. Our birthday boxes contain various drinks, snacks and small surprises to make your employee’s birthday memorable. A birthday box shows that you are taking the time to celebrate your team member’s birthday and express your appreciation to him or her.

    Employee gifts - Individual solutions

    In addition to our themed gift boxes, we also offer customized solutions for employee gifts. We specialize in creating custom gift boxes and snack boxes that meet the individual needs and desires of your employees. Contact us to receive an individual offer for your company.

    Sustainability and quality

    We attach great importance to sustainability and quality. That’s why we make sure that our gift boxes and snack boxes are made of environmentally friendly materials. In addition, we focus on local and sustainable products in our boxes to promote responsible use of resources while ensuring the highest quality.

    Discover our wide variety of gift boxes and snack boxes for employees and give your team a treat that will increase their motivation and satisfaction. With us you will find the perfect solution for every occasion – from birthday boxes to individual employee gifts. Focus on sustainability, quality and a wide range of products to positively shape your employees’ work environment and promote team spirit. Order the right box for your team today and show your employees how much you appreciate their work.