Onboarding boxes

onboarding boxes

Welcome gifts for employees and customers

Onboarding Boxes & Welcome Gifts

Our onboarding boxes offer the perfect solution for a successful welcome gift that not only brings joy and creates a strong “we” feeling, but also improves your company’s image.

Onboarding boxes for a positive onboarding experience:

Our branded onboarding boxes are perfect for the first day of work to create a positive feeling. We can respond to your individual wishes and fill the boxes with personalized goodies. Whether for the office or the home office, we deliver the boxes directly to you and take care of the rest.

360° service for stress-free processing:

We not only take care of packing and storing the boxes, but also shipping and logistics. This way you can concentrate on your work and don’t have to worry about additional burdens. Learn more here.

Quick and uncomplicated to your own and ready packed onboarding box

Prepacked Onboarding Boxes


Starter Bag

The Welcome Package that makes your employees feel at home right from the start. 100% organic cotton bag contains Squared notebook, writing set and Infuser Bottle.

With your individual design.

from €29.99

MIJO-BRAND | Onboarding box for new employees 

Big Box

Filled with everything needed for a perfect onboarding or start into a collaboration: notebook, metal pen, mint tin and thermal travel mug.

Everything refined with your logo.

from €33.50

MIJO-BRAND | Employee Box 

Starter Box

Prepare the perfect welcome for your new employees and customers with the Starter Box. Greenbox in full-color design includes shirt, metal bottle and squared notebook.

With your brand on the box.

from €33.00

4 steps to an individual onboarding box


2-10 minutes

You select your desired box via our configurator and can add your desired products directly. Send request, done.


30-60 minutes

We advise you on request free of charge until everything fits and support you in the realization of your onboarding box.


5-10 minutes

Within a few minutes you will receive a non-binding offer for your request. Transparent with all costs.


7-30 days

We start with the production of your boxes and ship them nationally and internationally directly to your home office or to your headquarters.

Individual Box or Pre-Packed Box?

Custom design or pre-made boxes – What’s better for you? We will help you decide!

INDIVIDUAL BOX – Designed according to your wishes

With our custom onboarding boxes, you can customize every detail to your liking. From the goodies to the design – everything is tailored to your needs. You can use our configurator and assemble your box step by step. We will then discuss the design with you and take your wishes into account. The result will be a unique box that perfectly fits your business. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will take care of the production, packing and shipping.

PRE-MADE BOX – Perfect for those in a hurry

For those who do not have time or can not decide, we offer pre-made boxes. We have put together three different boxes for you, each containing different goodies and fashion items. You can choose the color of the goodies and the quantity and order the box directly online. After the order we will discuss the design and content of the box and adjust it if necessary. Within a very short time you will receive your pre-made box.

Onboarding boxes and your advantages


MIJO values quality and sustainability. Our pricing models adjust quite fairly to the quantity required and the services requested. This way, you only pay for what you need.


At MIJO, you will always speak with a dedicated contact person who will advise and guide you through the entire process. No call center or wild sales chatter! We’ll support you every step of the way and make sure you get the best possible solution for your business.


All items in the boxes, whether goodies or boxes themselves, have been personally tested by us and found to be very good. For us, quality comes before quantity. We want to offer our customers only the best and stand out from the crowd.


We are 100% flexible and develop the appropriate solutions in-house. We are not stuck with fixed specifications and can take individual wishes into account. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a customized solution.


Onboarding boxes or merch provide a tangible sense of appreciation, resulting in a better team feeling and stronger employee loyalty. MIJO offers individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the company.


MIJO delivers directly to employees around the world or conveniently to an address. No road is too far for us and nothing is impossible. We want to make sure that the boxes reach the recipient as soon as possible.

Our Onboarding Boxes


The MIJO Greenbox

Made from 100% recycled materials. Biodegradable, it can not harm Mother Nature.

When it comes to packaging products attractively while acting sustainably, the MIJO Greenbox is the perfect choice. This welcome box is made from 100% recycled kraft cardboard and is available in a natural look or a full color option.

The MIJO Greenbox is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely practical. With a minimum quantity of only 25 pieces, it is ideal for startups and smaller companies that want to present their products in an appealing way. The box has a high-quality feel and can be designed in one color full-surface digital printing.

Of course, we will take care of the design of the box.

MIJO Prepacked Boxes

The "fast" welcome boxes

Looking for a stylish and sustainable onboarding box for your clients or employees? The MIJO Prepacked box perfect for those who need a quick solution. We offer you a total of four boxes that are pre-configured. All boxes and the contents are finished with your logo and delivered ready packed.

The boxes are available in quantities as low as 25 and are ideal as an onboarding box for new employees or as a gift box for special occasions and customers.


The MIJO Backpack

Onboarding box to wear!

The Backpack is a sustainable alternative to traditional onboarding boxes. As beautiful as our boxes made from sustainable materials are, they eventually end up mostly in the trash or gathering dust in a corner. An onboarding backpack is ideal as an employee box because the backpack can be used over and over again.

Privately, while traveling or on the job. Our backpacks do a great job everywhere!

Customizable and available in different colors

Our backpacks can be customized and are available in different colors. Already from 10 pieces you can get super cool and sustainable onboarding boxes from us.

All (tax) benefits Benefit

With our customized onboarding boxes you get the maximum tax benefits for your company – We have paid close attention to this with our pre-packed boxes.



50,00 €*



60,00 €*

Third party/advertising


35,00 €*

MIJO chat

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MIJO support


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    FAQ's about Onboarding Boxes

    What is an onboarding box?

    An onboarding box is a welcome box for new employees or customers. It is intended to strengthen the “we” feeling in the company and improve the company’s image. The boxes can be individually equipped with goodies and are delivered by MIJO directly to the office or home office. The box should be consistent with the company philosophy and the position held by the new employee. Classic goodies include notebooks, water bottles, pens, T-shirts and hoodies, and coffee mugs, all branded with the company logo. An important element of the box is the personal welcome card, optionally with the signature of all team members, the supervisors as well as the management.

    How do I choose the perfect onboarding box?

    MIJO offers great onboarding boxes for every budget. A minimum quantity of 30 makes the flexible MIJO Greenbox perfect for startups and small businesses. The MIJO Premium Box from 100 pieces is characterized by a high-quality magnetic closure. For large and rapidly expanding companies, they are the optimal way to show their appreciation. The MIJO Luckybag has the shape of an onboarding bag and is available from a minimum purchase of 100 pieces. The MIJO Bag Box is available from 15 pieces and is suitable as a practical carrier bag and is also a great giveaway for promotions and trade fairs.

    How does ordering an Onboarding Box work?

    Ordering an Onboarding Box is a 4-step process. First you select your desired box via the configurator and add the desired products. Afterwards, if desired, you can get free advice from MIJO. Within a few minutes you will receive a non-binding offer with all costs. After production, the boxes are shipped nationally and internationally directly to the office or home office.

    What are the benefits of onboarding boxes?

    Onboarding boxes offer fair prices, personal advice, high-quality products, individual solutions and promote team spirit and employee loyalty. In addition, MIJO can handle all the design, production, layout, storage and shipping.

    Who is the Onboarding Box suitable for?

    Not only experienced employees with high professional and managerial skills are happy about a great box to start work. Trainees and working students also increase their motivation and boost their loyalty to the company by receiving a welcome box. Smart HR professionals take advantage of the opportunity to retain future high potentials early on in their organizations. The onboarding box is therefore a good way to gain long-term sympathy.

    What is the importance of the onboarding box for the lived corporate culture?

    An onboarding box is a sign of the corporate culture in action. It shows that external communication and internal corporate values go together. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, excellent employer branding is a prerequisite for companies to compete for the best applicants.

    How does onboarding box storage and shipping work?

    MIJO offers professional storage in its own storage facility. If many boxes are needed, but not immediately or not in the office, the boxes can be stored in MIJO’s warehouse. The boxes can then be retrieved via order management at any time of day and, if desired, sent directly to the new employee. MIJO also offers the possibility of delivering the boxes collected to the office, if you want to make the delivery in person.

    What are the costs associated with an onboarding box?

    The cost of an onboarding box is made up of several items. In addition to the box and the individual items that are included in the box, there are also filling materials and services. These costs are already included in the box price or in the prices of the goodies. At MIJO you always get a complete price, which means that the offer prices later also correspond to the invoice amount.