The Onboarding Box

The Onboarding Box

the welcome gift on the first day of work

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With Mijo's Onboarding Box everything becomes an unforgettable highlight

Welcome box from MIJO – the perfect employee onboarding gift

Tension, curiosity, uncertainty, joy – emotions run high on the first day of work. With an individually designed onboarding box from MIJO, you show the new team member how important he or she is to you. If the welcome box is designed and filled with care and attention to detail, your new employee will feel appreciated right from the start.

What is an onboarding box?

An onboarding box from MIJO as an employee gift is a good mix of corporate design and personal and functional goodies. The welcome box and the content you choose must be in line with your company philosophy and the position the new employee holds. Classics include notebooks, water bootles, pens, t-shirts and hoodies, and coffee mugs. Of course MIJO brands each piece with your logo. An important element of the box, which we cannot take away from you, is the personal welcome card, optionally with the signature of all team members, the supervisors as well as the management.

The MIJO Greenbox

The Green Box is the ideal starter box. Made from 100% recycled kraft cardboard, this welcome box is available in a natural look or a full-color version.

The low minimum quantity of 30 makes it perfect for startups and smaller companies. The haptic is high quality and the box can be pimped in one color, with a foil or full digital print.

Of course we will do the design for you.

The MIJO Premium Box

Our Premium Onboarding Box is a magnetic box and is made from sustainable materials. The box is available in different basic colors. This welcome box will truly amaze new employees.

The Premium Box is available from 100 pieces and can be finished with a digital print or hot foil stamping.

It is also possible to inlay the goodies inside. So the products stay in place and present themselves really well.


Granted, the word onboarding box may not be entirely accurate. But let’s just say onboarding bag. The Luckybag is really great. Not only because it is made of completely compostable natural resin and is therefore 100% free of plastic but also because it reminds us of the good old days with the grab bag.

The Luckybag is filled with your goodies and closed. Your new employee can then tear open the welcome box and set off on a discovery tour. As in the past with the grab bag, the excitement is also very high here.

Available in black and white, Luckybag can make many employees happy from 100 pieces.

Welcome box - show appreciation

The recruiting process for well-trained specialists is complex. In some cases, companies and startups are busy for months to fill vacant positions. Professionals and managers have many choices.

Once you have finally found the perfect candidate and the valuable commitment in your pocket, it is up to you to build a solid bond. An onbaording box on the first day of work shows that you care about the new employee joining your team. The gesture behind the employee gift is many times more important than the monetary value of the gift.

Lived corporate culture

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, excellent employer branding is a prerequisite for companies to outpace their competitors in the competition for the best applicants. A welcome box is a sign of the corporate culture in action. It shows that external communication and internal corporate values go together.

If a high-quality specialist is disappointed by his reception at his first workplace, he inwardly thinks about quitting. The following applies to both sides: you can only make a first impression once. The Onboarding Box is an original start to the induction phase.

Choose perfect onboarding box

MIJO offers you great onboarding boxes for every budget. A minimum quantity of 30 makes the flexible MIJO Greenbox perfect for startups and small businesses. The MIJO Premium Box from 100 pieces is characterized by a high-quality magnetic closure. For large and rapidly expanding companies, they are the optimal way to show their appreciation.

The cool MIJO Luckybag has the shape of an onboarding bag. The minimum purchase is 100 pieces. Your new employees may tear them open in the sense of a classic grab bag.

A future use as a practical carrying bag finds the MIJO Bag Box. From 15 pieces it is wonderfully flexible and due to the low price besides a great giveaway at promotions and trade fairs.

For trainees and working students

Not only experienced employees with high professional and managerial skills are happy about a great box to start work. Welcoming trainees and working students with an employee gift increases motivation and boosts loyalty to your company.

Young employees are the skilled workers of tomorrow. Smart HR professionals take advantage of the opportunity to retain future high potentials early on in their organizations. If you are pursuing a strong growth strategy, take the opportunity to gain long-term sympathy with a welcome box.