Merchandise for influencers and bands


Merchandise for bands & influencers

Merchandising in professional quality

Your fans and followers mean everything to you – and you to them. With MIJO Merchandise for Bands & Influencers you create your own high-end fashion products, gadgets and classic merchandise. Print your photos, lyrics, logos and custom illustrations on apparel, stickers, pins, patches, notebooks and more.

We’ll work with you and your team to design a merchandise assortment that shows more than just support. With MIJO merchandise for influencers, YouTubers, artists and bands, your fans will discover new favorites in durable, high quality. So your band shirt or fan sweater becomes an everyday companion that always promotes your brands.

Merchandise for bands in small edition

Do you want to design a limited edition or are you just starting your career? Then you will have to rely on small quantities when ordering from MIJO Merchandising. No problem! Already from 10 pieces per design we realize your ideas professionally. This is already worthwhile if you want to raffle off mugs, shirts, mousepads or bento boxes via a special promotion.

With MIJO you have the freedom to choose appropriate gadgets and goodies that your fans and followers can really use. Pens as merchandise for your rapper collective? Rather not. That’s why we offer hundreds of customizable goodies from induction charging pads to bike saddles. There are also no limits when it comes to fashion. Whether bomber jacket or polo shirt, we offer you the right designer clothing for individual design.

High quality merch for influencers

As an influencer, you’re constantly on the lookout for the next big deal. With custom merchandise for influencers, branded goodies and signature fashion, decision makers will remember you after trade shows, meetings and castings. Our office supplies like notebooks and pencil cases look great on any agency desk.

Your fans also deserve a thank you from time to time for clicks and recommendations. Raffles and subscriber perks with your own motifs, signatures, logos or quotes inspire and bind followers to your channels. Whether it’s a small giveaway or a high-end fashion collection, we have the right merchandise for influencers and artists who want more.

Plan individual merchandising

MIJO is not a simple t-shirt print store. We take care of your merchandising from the very first idea and support you as a fulfillment agency with words and deeds. Would you like to design your own merchandising for bands & influencers, but have no idea where to start? That’s what we’re here for. We cater to your existing and future concepts and design styles that truly fit you. Whether playful or glamorous – with MIJO you decide!

We set new standards with our merchandise for influencers and artists. Our fashion collections are as unique and expressive as your brand. We plan and implement merchandise according to your wishes and deadlines and always in coordination with you and your team. You need the merchandise for bands already for the next tour? Thanks to close cooperation with partners in the fashion and merchandising sector, we can also implement large print runs quickly and reliably.

More than just merchandise - Real fashion

Nothing is more damaging to your brand than bad merchandise. You market and promote yourselves high-end items and high-priced goodies, wear expensive designer pieces as a band and transport a lifestyle – your fans expect exactly that from your merchandise. That is why every fashion order for us is connected with designing our own fashion collection. When it comes to merchandise for bands, merchandise for influencers, channels, production companies and artists, we don’t compromise on quality. With us you do not buy cheap quality, but high quality products at fair prices.

Stage your fashion ideas or let us design a collection together that truly represents you. Minimalist, modern, bold, colorful or fancy – that’s merchandising with MIJO.

Get info now & design your own merchandise

We always have an open ear for you! Contact us by phone, WhatsApp or mail or arrange a personal meeting at our MIJO HQ in Hoppegarten near Berlin or our locations in Düsseldorf and Sögel near the Dutch border. Meet our creative teams, examine samples and ask all your questions. We take care of your merchandising on a small scale or for years.

Contact us now and plan your own merchandise for bands & influencers!

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Chat with us directly via WhatsApp and ask us your questions about our services. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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