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Corporate Fashion & Employer Branding

Onboarding Boxes –
You want to offer your new staff more than just a handshake? Then our onboarding boxes are just the thing for you! Whether as a box, backpack, goody bag or jute bag – we can supply you with cool welcome boxes for employees from just 30 pieces.

Merch for your start-up –
Had enough of stickers and pens? We offer you merchandise that really makes sense and, above all, puts you in a good mood. Whether it’s a powerbank or a beanie, a notebook or a water bottle – we have everything that suits you. Branded with your logo.

Corporate Fashion –
Just a logo on a shirt? Sure, you can do that. We believe that really good corporate fashion can be more than just the simplest solution. We make clothes that are really stylish and trendy. We make fashion for your brand. Starting at just 10 pieces, we ensure a really stylish breeze in your offices with cool corporate fashion.


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Corporate fashion, merchandise and boxes. After we have clarified what you want, we take care of the design.

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Fast production times thanks to our own ateliers and manufactories. According to tested and certified standards.

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MIJO stores your articles in its own storage. Everything is available at any time and you have no space problems.

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MIJO creates and manages your employer shop. This way, employees and customers can access your products 24/7.

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We support you individually and straightforwardly – no set-up costs, no minimum volume. We have made MIJO as simple as possible.

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We also take care of order and customer management on request. Fast and insured shipping of all orders by MIJO or our partners.



Give your employees the feeling that they are really appreciated. With your individually branded CORPORATE COLLECTION from MIJO, your CI comes to life. The “we” feeling grows and so does the motivation among each other.

Can’t do more? Yes we can!

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Welcome box for your new staff

Mijo is the perfect onboarding box to connect your employees with their new place of work. In this way, you warmly integrate every new employee into your team and ensure that the first working day is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Combined with the matching employee clothing, your new team members will quickly feel at home and are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

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Welcome box for your new employees

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Happy employees are not expensive. With the right box from MIJO, you set a positive signal in the company and manage to increase satisfaction right from the start.

This not only has an effect on employees directly at the company location, but also on representatives and other staff in daily use. The better your own perception of your company is, the more actively the new employee will share this attitude with your customers.

The new employee box is therefore an excellent investment to increase new employee satisfaction and optimise branding. In this way, you benefit from the best measure in employee branding to make your employees a brand and to make clear the added value of your work at every stage.

So why not give your new employees a treat on their first day at work? Our MIJO boxes are certainly worthwhile at this point and will make you the perfect employer from the new employees’ point of view.

Corporate Fashion for your

Finoa MIJO

In order to create a team feeling while working in the company, it is also possible to design your own fashion concepts. This makes it possible to standardise the corporate clothing for each employee in order to promote a sense of community while working.

With creatively designed garments, it is always possible to increase the added value of the working environment and to ensure a better perception around your company.

Of course, when designing your corporate fashion, we also make sure to rely on sustainably produced garments and to give you a good feeling. This way you combine the practical added value of the clothing with a positive contribution to your marketing.

If the clothes are interestingly designed, they can also be worn by employees in their free time, which will also attract other people’s attention to you. This makes corporate fashion in a box for employees a good choice in many ways.

Merchandise for start-ups and

VAHA Merchandise

Especially in terms of your company’s branding, a modern box that is put together based on your work makes a lot of sense. Thanks to the many options for customising the goodies, each onboarding box has a style that suits your company.

The many interesting gifts with practical added value are therefore also a good choice outside the classic work environment and accompany the recipient privately as well.

Satisfied employees are productive employees. This approach plays an important role with our diverse and modern boxes to ensure satisfaction right from the start and to promote a sense of belonging. With an interestingly designed box, you can easily increase the employee’s interest in your company and at the same time express a feeling of appreciation. This way, nothing stands in the way of optimal perception.