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The perfect combination for successful employer branding

Welcome boxes, merchandise and corporate fashion

As a company, it is important to stand out from the competition and attract qualified employees. An important factor here is employer branding, i.e. the creation of an attractive employer brand. One way to reinforce this brand is to use corporate fashion and merchandise and provide onboarding boxes for new employees. We’ll show you how you can turn your employees into real brand ambassadors in just a few steps.

Welcome Boxes – First Impressions Count
A successful onboarding process is key to satisfied and productive employees. Welcome boxes are ideal for enhancing this process for new employees. With us you will find a wide range of boxes, backpacks or jute bags, which we design entirely according to your wishes and ideas. Whether with your company logo or individual messages, our welcome boxes will give your new employees a sense of appreciation and belonging.

Merchandise products for your startup – For a good mood at work
Merchandise products are another way to strengthen the sense of community within the company. We offer a wide range of products like powerbanks, beanies, notebooks or water bottles, which can be customized according to your wishes. Printed with your logo, these products are not only useful everyday items, but also real eye-catchers in the workplace. Good mood and cohesion are thus guaranteed.

Corporate fashion – stylish in everyday office life
We believe that really good corporate fashion can be more than just a logo on the chest. We make stylish clothes that help strengthen your brand. With us you will find a wide range of clothes that can be customized to your wishes. Whether polo shirts, hoodies or jackets – with our products you ensure a uniform and professional appearance of your employees.

Free storage & store systems – Everything from a single source
To relieve you of the work, we offer free storage in our storage. If your net purchase volume exceeds 5,000 euros, you will also receive our Employer Shop Basic completely free of charge. In this store your employees can easily order your products – without any additional effort for you.


Prepacked Onboarding Boxes


Starter Bag

The Welcome Package that makes your employees feel at home right from the start. 100% organic cotton bag contains Squared notebook, writing set and Infuser Bottle.

With your individual design.

from €29.99

MIJO-BRAND | Onboarding box for new employees 

Big Box

Filled with everything needed for a perfect onboarding or start into a collaboration: notebook, metal pen, mint tin and thermal travel mug.

Everything refined with your logo.

from €33.50

MIJO-BRAND | Employee Box 

Starter Box

Prepare the perfect welcome for your new employees and customers with the Starter Box. Greenbox in full-color design includes shirt, metal bottle and squared notebook.

With your brand on the box.

from €33.00

Link HR software easily

Automated shipping of boxes & merchandise

Love your HR software and definitely don’t want to use yet another tool to send your onboarding boxes or merch to new colleagues? With MIJO you can send boxes, fashion and merch easily and fully automated. We link your desired software to our Employer Shops or our Order Management System and in just a few steps you can, for example, send onboarding boxes worldwide and with the desired date after creating new employees in your HR tool.


Snack Boxes & Gift Boxes


Birthday Box

The gift box for colleagues comes ready packed to your office or to the birthday child’s home. The Birthday Box is lovingly packed and contains various snacks for every taste as well as a non-alcoholic drink.



Thank you box

Say thank you and all the best with our Thank you Box for colleagues who change jobs or leave your team. This box is the perfect offboarding gift and comes with a variety of sancks & drinks straight to your office or home office.

from €29.98


Team Event Box

Do you still need suitable surprises for your team event? Then our team event box is just the right thing for you. Filled with snacks and drinks, this box comes directly to your home office or office upon request.

from €33.00

Our Promise


Don’t have designs or having a hard time deciding what you want your merch products or onboarding boxes to look like?

No problem, MIJO will do the design and conceptualization for you completely free of charge.


You want to see what you’re buying beforehand? Of course – that’s why we offer you a free sample service of your selected items. We only ask that you return the samples to us after reviewing them. This is how we can make MIJO even more sustainable.


Sometimes it’s just fun to be able to offer the whole big package. That’s why at MIJO you always get your order management free of charge with your storage. We give you our Employer-Shops already from only 5000 € net invoice value.


With MIJO, everything should become easier. That is why we do not use complicated accounting waves and sqm³ exact calculations of your stock.

We store your boxes, merch and fashion parts completely free of charge.

Any questions? We are here for you!


Increases satisfaction with MIJO onboarding boxes

With ONBOARDING BOXES you send a positive signal to your new employees and increase their satisfaction.

Investing in the satisfaction of your employees is not only worthwhile for them, but also for your company. Because a satisfied employee will not only be more motivated to work, but will also project a positive image of your company to the outside world. After all, a positive perception of the company on the part of employees also contributes to a positive external image.

The welcome box for new employees is thus a wise investment to increase the satisfaction of the new workers and optimize the branding of your company. Employer branding allows you to turn your employees into brand ambassadors and illustrate the added value of your work at every stage.

So why not give your new employees a treat on their first day at work? The MIJO Onboarding Boxes are the perfect solution for this and make you the ideal employer from the perspective of the new employees.

Increase the cohesion in your team


To strengthen the sense of togetherness in the company, it’s a great idea to design your own fashion concept. This way, you can standardize work attire for all employees to promote a sense of community.

Creatively designed garments are a great way to add value to the work environment and create a better perception around your business.

At MIJO, we make sure to use sustainably produced garments when designing your CORPORATE FASHION. Our materials used are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Not only can you make your employees happy, but you can also send a positive message to your customers. This way you can combine the practical benefits of the clothing with a positive contribution to your marketing.

Thanks to unusual design ideas, your employees can also wear the garments in their free time, which will also make other people aware of your company. For these reasons, corporate fashion from MIJO is the ideal choice for your startup.

Increase brand awareness & job satisfaction


MERCHANDISING gifts with practical added value can be a good choice not only in the workplace, but also in employees’ free time. When employees are satisfied with the gifts, their productivity is increased, which ultimately contributes to the satisfaction of the entire company.

The advantages of a customized box with your merchandise are many:

  • Brand awareness: A box with customized and creative goodies can help to increase the brand awareness of the company.

  • Employee Satisfaction
    Giving merchandising gifts builds employee trust and loyalty, which can have a positive impact on their satisfaction and productivity.

  • Customer loyalty
    Merchandising gifts can also help to increase customer loyalty. A unique box can help customers remember the company and thus build long-term customer relationships.

  • Marketing
    Customized boxes can also be used as a marketing tool. By adding marketing materials in the box, the company can promote its products and services.



MIJO Design


Corporate fashion, merchandise and boxes. After we know what you want, we take care of the design.

MIJO Production


Fast production times thanks to our own ateliers and manufactories. According to tested and certified standards.

MIJO Storage


MIJO stores your items free of charge in its own storage. Everything at your fingertips and you have no space problems.

MIJO Online Shop


MIJO creates and administers your Employer Shop. This way, employees and customers can access your products 24/7.

MIJO delivery


We support you individually and uncomplicated – no setup costs, no minimum volume. We have made MIJO as simple as possible.

MIJO shipping


We also take care of order and customer management on request. Fast and insured shipping of all orders by MIJO or our partners.

Automated dispatch of onboarding boxes via your HR tool

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